The Challenge

To launch Hipi, a luxury, ethical and sustainable homeware brand to the New Zealand market – right in the middle of a global pandemic!

The Solution

A publicity/media campaign that aligns with the social media strategy and brand objectives.

Amanda created a story for Hipi that was centered around Kiwi ingenuity and a new story for New Zealand wool. Throughout the campaign, Amanda positioned Kate Tosswill (Founder) as a champion and advocate for the New Zealand wool industry – resulting in varied, positive coverage and brand awareness. 

The Result

It resulted in widespread media coverage across consumer, business and news media including radio, digital, print and television. 

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"Amanda was a blessing within our wider team. She was professional, driven and highly competent in her work for us. Importantly, Amanda never lost sight of the human element of the PR experience - coaching us along, providing constructive feedback and encouragement, supporting a growing confidence within us."


Kate Tosswill - Hipi