The Challenge


Auckland Hypnotherapist Richard Kellow wanted to tell the country about the wonders of Hypnotherapy - in particular, virtual gastric band hypnosis.


In an increasingly crowded and popular market, Richard wanted to use the power the media to build his profile and fill his books.

The Solution

Amanda suggested she implement her media ‘Pitch Pack’ for a cost effective yet impactful PR solution for Richard.

As Richard approached Amanda post-lockdown, she created a narrative around the increase in anxiety, worry and unhealthy eating habits in a post-lockdown world, interviewed Richard’s clients, linked to research and data –and spoke about virtual sessions, which is now appropriate and just as effective during a pandemic. 

The Result

Richard was featured in news and lifestyle media across, print, television and radio. Not only was he interviewed, but his clients were interviewed too, giving a powerful endorsement and helping Richard achieve exactly what he wanted to. One such interview was The AM Show. Richard was interviewed,  and the following week, one of his clients was interviewed during prime time, with the subject of Hypnotherapy being the poll of the day.

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"It's been fantastic working with Amanda. She far surpassed my expectations and I will definitely be using again."



- Richard Kellow - Auckland Hypnotherapy