The Challenge


While the country was in lockdown and many were changing and adapting to the way they worked, Gideon Banks was creating a platform that assisted freelancers in getting work, and businesses to find great local talent.

Amanda was tasked with securing proactive media coverage of the launch of as well as conveying clearly what the platform does and how it fills a gap in the market.

The Solution

Time was tight on this project, so Amanda pulled together a digital media Pitch Pack and worked quickly with Gideon to produce an engaging release that included multiple perspectives; from freelancers to various business owners. When reaching out to media, Amanda provided different interview angles and content to maximise coverage on the launch day.

The Result

The Pitch Pack and media coverage was all delivered within two weeks from our start date. In line with widespread media coverage, including NZ Business, NZ Entrepreneur, The Spinoff, Stuff, The NZ Herald and The Sunday Star Times., the launch and media exposure also generated hundreds of sign-ups within the first week.

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"It was such a wonderful experience working with Amanda from Publicity Studio on our recent platform launch. Very professional and in-tune. She provided expert guidance, cost-effective solutions, and impactful delivery. Highly recommended."


-Gideon Banks - Needed